Frank Eyckmeyer´s Ateliers in Italy and Germany

In 2005 the Liuteria Dalla Quercia moved from Bologna in Italy to the Sardinian town of Bosa, beside the river Temo. The tranquility and atmosphere of this beautiful old town on the North West coast of Sardinia provide the perfect setting for the Italian Violin Maker Francesco Dalla Quercia, Frank Eickmeyer, to work on the making and restoration of the finest bowed stringed instruments. It is also an ideal place to meet with clients.

Francesco dalla Quercia, Italian Violin and cello maker

Liuteria Dalla Quercia for cellos, violas and violins

The combination of sunshine and warmth are excellent for the maturing of the woods and varnishes used by Liutaio Francesco Dalla Quercia.

Only the finest materials, chosen by Frank in person, are used in the construction of his instruments. Not only does he make violins and cellos, but many historical instruments such as the viella, lira da braccio, viola d'amore and viola da gamba, much appreciated by early music practioners, both amateurs and professionals. The lovingly crafted instruments of Liuteria Dalla Quercia are much saught after by collectors and musicians all over the world.

Frank Eickmayer, Italian Cello and Violin maker Frank Eickmayer, Italian Cello and Violin maker

Cellos, Violins and Violas, lovingly made by Frank Eickmeyer, Italian Violin Maker

The 'conce' by the river Temo, location of Liuteria Dalla Quercia

The studio and workshop are located in the old conce beside the river Temo.

Violins, Violas and Cellos made by Francesco Dalla Quercia,  Italian Violin Maker.

Violins, Violas and Cellos, restored and created by Liutaio Francesco Della Quercia

Francesco dalla Quercia makes his stringed instruments using the secrets and inspiration of the ancient Italian Masters, such as Ansaldo Poggi, and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù.

In 2013 Frank, Leonard and Johannes (from right to left) start to complete their new shared atelier in the Eigelstein quarter. This old quarter is inhabited from people of many different nationalities. Artists, musicians, galleries, pubs and restaurants give this quarter a colorful atmosphere. It´s just a few minutes walk to the river Rhine and the old town with the "Kölner Dom", the big gothic cathedral. Also the Cologne University of Music is "around the corner".

Collaboration between Francesco Dalla Quercia, Liutaio and Frank Eickmeyer (for his Italian friends: Francesco Dalla Quercia) and Johannes Loescher.


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